About Us

Who are we?

Al-Labib Foundation in Jeddah (VAT 302066521800003) is a joint-stock company of Turkish company Wise Baby. The foundation owns half the share of Wise Baby, and it is the sole authorized distributor for distributing the company's products in Saudi Arabia. Turkish Wise Baby has been very popular in the last two years, with the production and manufacturing of high-quality products at a competitive price.

Our products

Turkish Wise Baby specializes in producing and manufacturing baby cradles, baby strollers and baby chairs that Wise Baby has produced and designed specifically for cars, which offers a range of products with very high safety standards. It also specializes in fixed and mobile beds.

Our goals

Baby care and comfort is a cornerstone and a key objective on which we build the products of Wise Baby, where no product is approved until after passing through several stages, the most important of which is safety testing phase. We aim to offer the product at a competitive price that is not overpriced. Wise baby bet on two important things, which are the quality of the product and its competitive price, and what matters to us is that every lady enjoys excellence because she has chosen the best.